Stephanie Morillo, M.S. is a content strategist, writer, editor, and nascent product manager. She is currently a Technical Program Manager at Microsoft and the author of the upcoming book The Developer's Guide to Content Creation (January 2020).

Stephanie's decidedly multidisciplinary career—ranging from project management, communications, technical writing, content marketing, UX writing, content design, and content strategy—has taken her to companies like General Assembly, DigitalOcean, and GitHub. In 2015, Stephanie co-founded #WOCinTech Chat, the initiative responsible for publishing a collection of free stock images featuring women of color technologists.

She has written and delivered talks around the importance of content in the user experience, the role of content strategy in open source, and advocates for making tech careers accessible to people from underrepresented groups. Her work has appeared in various publications, and she has also served as an editor for titles published by O'Reilly Media and CRC Press.

Stephanie is a recipient of the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Grant (Malaysia, 2009), and the American Association of University Women Career Development Grant (2017). She holds a Master of Science degree in User Experience Design from Kent State University.

You can find Stephanie on Twitter and on GitHub. She publishes a regular newsletter on Substack.

Photo credit: Adorable IO