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I provide copyediting, proofreading, and developmental editing services for a range of projects, including print books, eBooks, and online publications.

Stephanie is precise, professional, and can turn even the most awkward jumble of words into something people actually want to read.

Gregory T. Brown

Writer and developer

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Selected Work

Data Sketches

I served as the primary editor for the upcoming book Data Sketches by Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu (2020 from CRC Press). As the developmental editor, I helped the authors improve the book's structure and content, and conducted a substantive edit of the manuscript.

O'Reilly Media: Programming Beyond Practices

I served as the copyeditor for Programming Beyond Practices by Gregory T. Brown and published by O'Reilly Media, working closely with the author and O'Reilly's production editor.

BubbleSort Zines

I've copy edited six issues of BubbleSort Zines, a recurring computer science zine for high school students and beginners by Amy Wibowo. In addition, I made recommendations for improving overall page structure.

Recompiler Magazine

I edited the pieces "Why Random Variables are Neither Random nor Variable" and "Two Tokens and a Cat" for Recompiler Magazine's second issue. I edited for grammar and style, did basic fact checking, and made recommendations to the authors to ensure that complex concepts were properly introduced and defined. I also served as the primary editor for the upcoming "Machines and Things" issue (Winter 2019).

The Anti-Goals Guide

I made substantive edits on The Anti-Goals Guide, the first guide from the Bet On Yourself series from writer and tech band manager Suzan Bond. I edited for structure (grammar, spelling, general syntax) and made general content recommendations to the author.

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