Writing for tech-minded audiences

I specialize in writing for the web, and produce marketing copy for landing pages, email campaigns, social media, and blog posts. Additionally, I craft product copy for user interfaces including microcopy, labels, pop-up modals, in-app notifications, tooltips, and more.

Working with Stephanie on our landing page copy was amazing. After only a short briefing, she translated our complex—and confusing—technical product specification into short and understandable paragraphs in a way that we would never have ourselves.

Benjamin Eberlei


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Selected Work


I wrote the copy and structured the content for Tideways' homepage and features page. I worked with the team to come up with the sections based on the needs of existing customers as well as key elements that differentiated them from similar performance-based tools. I wrote the copy for all of the sections, including header copy, subcopy, and button copy.


I devised the page sections and created the copy for Hoodie's "Get Help" page.

Responsible Communication Style Guide

I served as the Race Editor for Recompiler Magazine's Responsible Communication Style Guide, a style book on identity and diversity for the tech industry. I conducted research of terminology in existing stylebooks and industry trends, created a list of words for inclusion, and defined the term and proper usage.


I created the landing page layout for Launch Training, a consultation service for entrepreneurs, developers, and developer teams founded by Christian Grobmeier. I subsequently wrote the copy (headers, blurbs, and button copy) for the landing page.

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