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"I'm on this webinar right now, and not only am I learning a lot about how to write effective emails/chat responses, I'm also learning about how to run remote presentations. Remarkably engaging and just the right level of audience interaction." - Sharon Wong


"I've used several of the specfic email and calendar techniques you taught us last weekend and it's still only Tuesday. I finally feel un-stuck after being completely defeated by Outlook for years. Thanks for a great class!" - Dave Herman


"The email training from @radiomorillo is literally SO good. Cannot recommend the $49 enough, especially if you’re an insecure communicator. Tactics on tactics on tactics, like walking through how to reply to real-world scenarios..." -@skullface


Email: it's still the main way most people communicate in many corporate environments. Used well, it can position you as a reliable colleague that many enjoy working with. Used poorly, it can be disastrous for your career.


Why is that the case? It's very difficult to convey tone over written communications. There are other issues with the format as well: you can easily find yourself in long threads with many people where each message rambles on. It's not always easy to glean why you're on the thread, what's expected of you, and what to do next.


In this class, you'll learn some tips for writing effective business emails that have helped me position myself as a reliable resource while successfully sidestepping commonly fraught interactions that occur in email, including:


  • Managing tons of similar requests from different people
  • Dealing with hostile colleagues
  • Directing people when you're asked for something you're not directly responsible for
  • Escalating issues that need to be addressed higher up the chain


You'll also learn:

  • How to add the right people into an email thread
  • How to surface information in an email without "repeating yourself"
  • How to call attention to important items (deadlines, dates, asks, etc.)
  • How and when to bring your manager into an email exchange
  • How to remain firm and level-headed in response to an angry or rude email

How to Write Effective Business Emails

    • A link to download the slide deck PDF and the passcode to watch the full replay (1hr 35min)
    • The link to the recording and the passcode are listed on the second slide in the PDF
    • Link to the full PDF transcript 
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