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🥳 Over 1,479 copies sold as of July 2021!




“Without a doubt, The Developer’s Guide to Content Creation is the best resource for those looking to start writing content for developers.” — Andrew Healey 


"For folks who have never authored this type of content before, [Stephanie] Morillo’s breakdown of the content creation process into actionable pieces will be a revelation. Even for folks who write all the time (hello, fellow tech writers and analysts), Morillo’s specific breakdown of planning and execution are worth a look, and her insight into promoting content is super sharp" — KellyAnn Fitzpatrick


"I've written more long-form content in the past 3 months than I have in the past two years and I'm loving it! I can only blame @radiomorillo for all this sauce." —Daniel Madalitso Phiri


"If you want to know how to blog as a dev and more importantly how to keep blogging, this is what you need to read."

—Kahlil Lechelt


"Reading @radiomorillo's book The Developer's Guide to Content Creation after running my company's blog pipeline for the past six months. Damn, I appreciate her advice way more now."

—Sherry Spees


"I'm reading "The Developer's Guide to Content Creation" by @radiomorillo and I'm somewhat scared by how well her target audience fits me! Excited for the next chapters!"

—Michael Bahr




Today's developers are content creators. Developers regularly write blog posts, create courses, launch podcasts, screencasts, and more to share what they know with other devs. The sheer amount of content has made learning the craft of software development more accessible to more people.

There's just one thing missing: your voice!


If you've ever wanted to start a blog in order to:


✨ Document what you're learning

✨ Improve your writing skills

✨ Teach others

✨ Showcase what you know to potential employers

✨ Move into a different role

...this eBook is for you! 


The Developer's Guide to Content Creation will show you how to manage the content process from ideation to promotion. You'll learn how to start a developer blog, and how to develop a persona for your blog, a blog mission statement, and a content calendar. You'll learn four ways to generate ideas for new posts, and you'll learn best practices for creating written content that promotes readability and accessibility. You'll also learn how to pitch and write for tech publications you admire.


The eBook includes:


✅ 100+ pages of content

✅ 14 worksheets

✅ 17 guided exercises

✅ Real-world examples, tips, & LOTS of resources. 


The guide also features a list of essential tools, resources, and books for the serious content creator.



Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Defining Your Goals
  • Chapter 2: Generating Content Ideas
  • Chapter 3: The Planning Stage
  • Chapter 4: The Writing Stage
  • Chapter 5: The Editing Stage
  • Chapter 6: Titles, Calls to Action, and Resources
  • Chapter 7: Promoting Content
  • Chapter 8: Using Analytics to Iterate and Improve
  • Bonus Chapter 1: Writing for Other Tech Publications
  • Bonus Chapter 2: Special Considerations for Podcasts & Screencasts
  • Epilogue and Resources




    Note: The eBook is currently only available in PDF format. All sales are final.


    The Developer's Guide to Content Creation

    • The Developer's Guide to Content Creation eBook (PDF file)

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