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There comes a point in a developer content creator's journey where they want to increase traffic back to their site and they think: "I need to improve my SEO!"


But what is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving site content to rank higher in search results. If search engines are an imperfect proxy for a physical library, SEO is an imperfect proxy for the way the library is laid out, down to the library catalog. With SEO, we're trying to make our content findable and discoverable both in search and on our sites. If someone is looking for something specific, and we have exactly what they need, we want to be able to surface that content to them.


But SEO can be overwhelming! Both site performance metrics and metadata factor into how one's site ranks in search engines which means that it's difficult to know exactly where to start. There is no shortage of content out there on how to improve one aspect of your SEO. Faced with this many developers give up or only work on their SEO piecemeal.


It's more than just search rankings. Why should devs care about SEO? Because SEO is an onramp for thinking through site performance and user experience design. It makes you create pathways to your content that match what people need, it forces you to consider the mobile experience, accessibility, and also keeping your content fresh.


This class breaks SEO down to help developer content creators immediately and confidently start auditing their site. We'll break down SEO into four sequential stages. Then, we'll discuss high-level SEO concepts that apply to each stage. Finally, each stage will have a walkthrough of how to apply what you've learned using FREE SEO tools. You'll learn how to spot broken links, add missing alt text, use tools to create structured data markup, and more.


This class will cover: 


  • Definition of SEO and SEO audits
  • Technical SEO basics (including HTTP status codes, accessibility audits, site performance)
  • On-page SEO basics (keyword research, meta tags, and structured data)


Note: All sales are final.

The Developer's Guide to SEO Audits

    • A link to download the PDF summary with resources, tools, and a recap and the passcode to watch the full replay (2hrs 4min)
    • The link to the recording and the passcode are listed on the second slide in the PDF
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