Designing content-first user experiences

A content-first user experience centers information and the message you want to convey to your user, ensuring that you deliver what the user needs when (and how) the user needs it. The following case studies illustrate my approach to design and the impact I delivered on various projects.

Stephanie made sure our documentation and announcements were polished, understandable, and finished ahead of schedule. She's the best technical writer and editor I've had the pleasure of working with.

André Arko

Founder, Ruby Together

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I redesigned Taylor Community Library's site navigation around the most important user tasks to promote discoverability and navigability.

Taylor Community Library

I conducted a usability test of GasBuddy's mobile application with participants to identify areas for improvement in the interface.

GasBuddy Usability Study

I conducted a content analysis of the Bundler blog to understand which types of content performed best with users and formulated recommendations for findability.

Bundler Docs Website Audit

Interested in my writing and editing work? Take a look at my copywriting and copyediting portfolio.