The Developers Guide to Content Creation will show developers how to create blogs and other content channels from ideation to promotion. You'll learn how to develop a persona for your blog, a blog mission statement, and a content calendar. You'll learn four ways to generate ideas for new posts, and you'll learn best practices for creating written content that promotes readability and accessibility. You'll also learn how to pitch and write for tech publications you admire.

"Without a doubt The Developer’s Guide to Content Creation is the best resource for those looking to start writing content for developers. Before reading it, I had a shortlist of topics that I thought such a resource should cover and it nailed every one. Morillo’s writing is clear and engaging. She tells us how to write content that is accessible in presentation but also in content."

— Andrew Healey 

The Developers Guide to Book Publishing makes publishing a book an attainable goal. You'll learn about the tech publishing landscape and the considerations all would-be authors need to keep in mind to go from ideation to getting published.


"It's really concise, comprehensive, and shows the full complexity [of book publishing] without being overwhelming." 

— Arvid Kahl

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